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Frisca. I support Liverpool FC through thick and thin. Fifteen. Proud Indonesian. I love Coldplay and EDM. My life would never be the same if there wasn't football. Steven Gerrard is my inspiration. Justice for the 96. I reblog what I like. free counterdgphotos08/banner01a.gif” width=”468″ height=”60″></a>s
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At BTA 8 Jakarta

Sekelas sama teman SD 😄😄 – at BTA 8 Jakarta with Myriam, Anya, and James – See on Path.

Four - nil. #MakeUsDream #Liverpool #Anfield View high resolution

Four - nil. #MakeUsDream #Liverpool #Anfield

Thought via Path

"The more we aim for perfect, the more miserable we feel" #perfectionistprobs – Read on Path.


Reminder: Losing weight only makes you lighter. It doesn’t make you kinder, smarter, more creative, more passionate, more determined, or happier.

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Thought via Path

"The only person you need to beat and conquer is yourself." – Read on Path.

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